Wax Ribbon Price

Wax Ribbon Price

Wax Ribbon is a product of a coating material using wax and carbon black (assumed to be a black carbon ribbon) as a main material. Wax-based ribbon is the most economical and cheap ribbon. It is mainly used for printing on general paper. The use of wax-based ribbon must pay attention to the cooperation with paper. The wax-based ribbon is suitable for materials with slight unevenness on the surface. Not suitable for products with a smooth surface like a mirror, such as PET.

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Wax Ribbon Price

Wax ribbon usually contain a high percentage of wax-based materials, which determine the melting point of the ribbon. The melting point affects the energy level required for printing. Generally speaking, since the melting point of the wax is much lower than that of the resin, wax is used. Baseband ribbon printing requires much lower levels of energy than when printing with mixed and resin based substrates. Since most waxes are softer than resins, the durable wax-based ribbons of printed graphics are not as good as mixed and resin-based ribbons, and most wax-based ribbons have only one coating.


1. Wide range of label adaptability and versatility.

2. Excellent printing results and cost-effective.

3. High temperature resistance, suitable for high speed printing.

4. Wide range of applications, can adapt to different materials.

5. The antistatic back coat is easy to protect the printhead effectively.


1. Ordinary label

2. Shipping, warehouse and receipt labels

3. Housing and packaging label

4. Shipping and address label

5. Retail labels and tags

6. Clothing label

Wax ribbons account for about 70% of the market, and are commonly used in large-scale paper labels such as printing heads.

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