Wax Based Ink

Wax Based Ink

Wax based ink: high density, high sensitivity, suitable for paper labels, excellent printing effect and lower cost. Premium thermal transfer ribbon could protect the print head, and the printing effect could be accurately shown to the packing without spreading and falling off.

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Wax based ink


The ribbon is a special consumable for the bar code machine. It is covered with a layer of toner. When printing, the hot toner of the printed hair is printed on the sticker. This process is called thermal transfer. The ribbon is generally a general-purpose printer. Needle printers commonly used consumables, ribbons are used with the dot matrix printer, is the cloth! The ribbon is for fax machines! The ribbon is the belt of the fax machine and is in the form of a roller. The ribbon is cloth.

Wax based ink use the wax and carbon black as the main coating materials. Thermal transfer ribbon wax base is the most cheapest in this market. It is mainly used to the label and flexible film printing. Using wax-based carbon ribbons you should choose the suitable paper. Wax-based ribbons are suitable for materials with a slightly concave and convex surface. Does not apply to smooth-surfaced materials such as PET. The wax-based ribbon occupies about 70% of the market's share, and is a commonly used to printing large-sized paper labels such as marks.

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