TTR Barcode Ribbon

TTR Barcode Ribbon

Purchasing the right TTR Barcode Ribbon is not easy because different printer have the different printing requirements, also the difference of print media, all could affect the printing performance. Currently the price of the ribbon is much more cheaper due to the popularized production capacity in this world market. Also it is necessary to know how to purchase the cheap and nice TTR Barcode Ribbon, otherwise, the printing effect could not be guaranteed and would damage the product image directly.

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TTR Barcode Ribbon


Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Textile/ wash care label/ fabrics/ satins, is a highly durable wash care resin used for garment and wash care label/ textile /fabrics /satins label printing. Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Textile offers excellent print quality and superior resistance for washing, ironing, and dry cleaning applications. Highly resistant to heat, water, and industrial solvents.

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for TTR Printer is compatible with a wide variety of materials, including Nylon, Terylene, Acetate, Polyester, Rayon, Satins and Synthetic Fibers etc. So before using it, just checking the materials are workable and available in advance please.

Recommended applications of the Black Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon, such as the Garment Care Labels, the textile, the product ID labeling, the Pharmaceutical, the medical&Health care, the industrial applications, the date, the lot & bar code printing and the ingredient label etc.

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