Thermal Transfer Tape

Flat head thermal transfer ribbon for washing label: Wax ribbon, Wax/Resin ribbon, Resin ribbon; Ink inside/Outside; pls inform your size requirements (width/mm x length/m), shall send the best price per roll or per square meter.

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Product Details

Product Parameter (Specification)






PET Film

Base Film Thickness

4.5±0.1 μm

Ink Thickness

1.5±0.1 μm

Reflection Optical Density

≥1.5 D

Color Density

≥1.8 DB



【Remarks】Any of size of jumbo rolls and small cutting-finished rolls are workable for customized as customers’ requirement.

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TTR printer for Thermal Transfer Tape
Thermal Transfer Tape is a very important material to the printer. And the ribbon quality, not only influence the life of the print head, also the final printing effect. The Thermal Transfer Tape have two types, flat head and near edge, so does the printers, flat head printer and near edge head printer. The two types of ribbon could not be mixed and replaced directly with different printers.

Only Ribbon Industry is a professional producer with high reputation in China many years. We have more than ten years of experience in the research of care label materials. Also it is a common sense that what kind of care label Thermal Transfer Tape used in will depend on what type of care label material the customer printing. So let's talk about the normal care label materials and their suitable ribbon types together.

1. If you would print to the nylon, adhesive materials and silk fabric etc, you could choose our Thermal Transfer Tape. Our Thermal Transfer Tape is economic with the stable property,which is the the preferred ribbon for printing.
2. If you print to the silk fabric specially, ribbons, our Thermal Transfer Tape is the best choice as well.The advantages are the even more blacker printing, the less static electricity, the super stable performance, and the higher color fastness.

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