Thermal Transfer Ribbon Types

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Types

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Types. The purpose of the ribbon is to print on the label. In order to get a perfect quality label, in addition to the high quality barcode printer and ribbon, reasonable label selection is also a very important part. At present, the bar code printer industry is more widely used in self-adhesive labels.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Types

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Transfer ribbons are also divided into flat-pressed barcode ribbons and edge-pressed barcode ribbons from printheads using barcode printers for flat-press barcode printers and edge-press barcode printers.

As a kind of thermal transfer printing equipment, a digital thermal transfer coding machine is mainly composed of a printhead, a printing ribbon and a controller. In the real-time printing working,it can be quickly applied to the printing and changing of package name, ingredient list, batch number and date as the modern digital technology.Also, Comparing with the traditional thermal carbon coder, ink wheel coder or continuous inkjet coder, the digital thermal transfer coder does not use characters for real-time code with the free editing of text and digital technology properties,which could reduce the cost and improve the code quality. Meanwhile, it has special thermal transfer ribbon to avoid contamination of foods and improve the hygiene of production. It can be widely used in clothing, sports equipment, toys, advertising, automotive supplies and other fields.

Some of packaging companies hired temporary workers in the production season to print the name and other information on sticker labels.It has increased labor with inefficiency, and on the other hand,as the presence of artificial elements, the irregularities will affect the goods appearance. Currently,the thermal transfer equipment avoids this condition happening,also easily adjusting the related information to be right. So it not only saves labor, improves efficiency, reduces errors, but also have the neat and elegant results,also improving the product quality.

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