Thermal Transfer Ribbon Jumbo Roll

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Jumbo Roll

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Jumbo Roll, the core of the barcode ribbon is usually of paper or plastic. The main requirement is that it cannot be deformed and cannot slide when printed. The quality of the barcode ribbon, in addition to affecting the life of the printhead is also related to the effect of label printing. A good barcode ribbon protects the printhead, and the printed effect can be accurately attached to the label, which is not easy to spread and does not fall off easily.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Jumbo Roll


For thermal transfer bar code printers, a special bar code carbon strip is required to print information such as bar codes and text on the label. This special ribbon (commonly known as bar code ribbon) is the Thermal Transfer Ribbon, which is generally composed of a base film, a heat-resistant coating, and an ink coating.

The ribbon is a very important material for printing. Generally speaking, the quality of the ribbon is related to the printing effect, in addition to determining the life of the print head. Wide range of label adaptability and versatility. Excellent printing results and cost-effective. High temperature resistance, suitable for high speed printing. Wide range of applications, can adapt to different materials. The antistatic back coat is easy to protect the printhead effectively.

The carbon ribbon can be divided into flat pressure type and side pressure type, mainly for the type of label printer on the market. Generally, most brands use a flat-press type carbon ribbon for the flat-press type print head, and a small number of Japanese brand printers use the side pressure. The printhead uses a side-pressure ribbon. A good carbon ribbon protects the print head, and the resulting effect can be accurately attached to the paper, which is not easily spread and does not fall off easily.

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