Resin Printer Ribbon

Resin Printer Ribbon

Resin Printer Ribbon, the base film is a carrier of a barcode carbon ribbon, and a polyester film of 4.5 μm thickness is generally selected, and its strength and thickness directly affect the elongation of the barcode ribbon and the application field; the main function of the heat resistant coating is heat insulation, friction reduction, Reduce the dust on the print head, protect the print head and extend the life of the print head; the ink coating consists of pigments, resins, waxes, additives, etc.

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Product Details

Resin Printer Ribbon contains the highest proportion of resin components, and the required energy level for printing is also higher than that of the wax-based mixture. Since most resins are harder than waxes, high-content resins make this ribbon extremely good. Anti-scratch and chemical resistance.

Resin ribbon usually contains a higher proportion of resin material, which determines the higher melting point of the resin-based ribbon. Therefore, the resin-based ribbon has a wide range of label adaptation to meet a variety of demanding environmental requirements. Excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. High sensitivity, excellent image printing, anti-static back coating, effective protection of the print head.



Note: Resin ribbons should not be exposed to sunlight or humid environments.

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