Premium Wax Ribbon

Premium Wax Ribbon

This is an Premium Wax Ribbon with the following features: Wide adaptability and versatility, excellent printing results and cost-effective, wide range of applications, can adapt to different materials, and has excellent scratch resistance, the antistatic back coat is easy to protect the printhead effectively.

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Product Details

Premium Wax Ribbon

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Focus on the ribbon for 20 years, Only Ribbon Industry bringing you five hard powers

1. Clear print

The print resolution is high and the writing time is long!

2. All black print

Uniform carbon coating, clear print, no white spots, scratch resistance


3. Three-layer structure

Anti-static back coating, strong band foundation, not easy to tear off, toner layer even without powder

4. Environmentally friendly - non-stick paper

Protect the print head, not sticky paper

5. Professional technology, complete categories

Each roll is individually packaged and customized to a variety of special specifications to ensure aging

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