Premium Resin TTR Ribbon

As a professional manufacturer in Premium Resin TTR Ribbon, we could produce different size and packing according to clients’ requests, Hot stamp ribbon (Coding application),ink roll, Hot stamp ribbon (Medical Application) TTO(Near edge) and Premium Resin TTR Ribbon for care label application etc. And core,size and color can be customized totally, (OEM) is welcomed as well.

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Product Details

The classification of thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbon have two types, one is flat head, the other is near edge. Generally, many of printers in this market are with the flat head print head, which use to the thermal transfer ribbon flat head, some of Japanese printers, whose print head is near edge, so his ribbon is the near edge as well. Premium thermal transfer ribbon could protect the print head, and the printing effect could be accurately shown to the packing without spreading and falling off. The thermal transfer ribbon have the following three grades, wax, wax/resin ,and resin grade etc.

Wax TTR Ribbon
Wax base TTR ribbon use the wax and carbon black as the main coating materials. Thermal transfer ribbon wax base is the most cheapest in this market. It is mainly used to the label and flexible film printing. Using wax-based carbon ribbons you should choose the suitable paper. Wax-based TTR ribbons are suitable for materials with a slightly concave and convex surface. Does not apply to smooth-surfaced materials such as PET. The wax-based ribbon occupies about 70% of the market's share, and is a commonly used to printing large-sized paper labels such as marks.

Resin TTR Ribbon
If the printing must request to resist solvent and high temperature for the chemical packaging, the electrical heating parts or the special chemical products such as PET, the Premium Resin TTR Ribbon is recommended, who meet the above requirements totally, however the Premium Resin TTR Ribbon is quite expensive, but the final printing effect is much better than the wax base totally.

Wax Resin TTR Ribbon
Thermal Transfer Ribbon wax/resin base is using mixed wax and resin as the main coating materials. The mixing ratio is changed as the need, which is mainly used to smooth surface materials. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for this kind of production with high surface requirements, such as the labeling of ordinary consumable products, its performance is to combine the advantages of the above two kinds of thermal transfer ribbons.

Product Parameter (Specification)






PET Film

Base Film Thickness

4.5±0.1 μm

Ink Thickness

1.5±0.1 μm

Reflection Optical Density

≥1.5 D

Color Density

≥1.8 DB



【Remarks】Any of size of jumbo rolls and small cutting-finished rolls are workable for customized as customers’ requirement.

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Premium Resin TTR Ribbon
Hot stamping foil/ribbon, coding foil
Hot stamping roller/roll
Hot Stamping Medical Foil
Near-Edge Wax/Resin Ribbon ( Short Name: TTO )

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