Custom Ribbon Print

Custom Ribbon Print

Custom Ribbon Print for TTR Printer is compatible with a wide variety of materials, including Nylon, Terylene, Acetate, Polyester, Rayon, Satins and Synthetic Fibers etc. So before using it, just checking the materials are workable and available in advance please.

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Custom Ribbon Print


1. Wax base

Due to the high content of wax in the ink composition, the weather resistance is poor (such as light, extremely cold, extremely hot, wind and rain, bacteria and other comprehensive damage, its tolerance is called weather resistance), not suitable for harsh environments. Use under. However, the print level is the lowest of the three ribbons (wax/mixed/resin based).

2. Resin base

Due to the high content of the resin in the ink composition, the hardness is high, scratch resistance, solvent resistance (wiping of corrosive solvents), weather resistance is very good, but the cost is high, and the printing level is three kinds of carbon ribbons (wax) The highest of the base / mixed base / resin base.

3. Wax/Resin base 

The ink composition contains both resin and wax components, so the properties are between the wax base and the resin base. The printing level is moderate, and the range is the widest of the three types of carbon ribbons (wax-based/mixed/resin-based). .

4. Other quality indicators

Print level: Since the printer's energy level (temperature) is different and the range is different, so in the actual use, first determine the energy level (temperature) range of the printer and then take the intermediate value. For example, the energy level of the Zebra printer. The interval is mostly 0-30, then 15 is the intermediate value. According to this intermediate value, adjust the suitable printing temperature.

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