TTO Thermal

TTO Thermal

TTO can print high quality text, graphics and barcodes, large area printing, no film perforation, easy maintenance, low overall operating cost. Suitable for flat packaging film, labels and cards, PE, PP, flexible aluminum foil, label (non-UV curing ), printing of any flexible material such as medical paper packaging (Tweed)!

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Product Details

TTO Thermal


Six reasons why should choose TTO technology

1. Make products creative and distinctive

2. Clear and beautiful print

3. Print content can be switched instantly

4. Eliminate printing errors

5. Reduce production line downtime

6. TTO ribbon that is cheaper than hot stamping

TTO technology can improve print quality, reduce scrap rate, improve operational efficiency, reduce potential capital. TTO could make up the Hot Stamp Ribbin defects, also meet your  customers needs well. 

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