Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon

Only Ribbon Industry is a professional and genuine producer of Hot Stamp Ribbon (Foil), Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Foil), Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon and Ink Roller many years, with nice reputation and stable quantity each month, and our Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon are standard and customized as clients need totally. Welcome to visit us any time,we shall be at your service always, and meet your requirements totally on Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon.

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The Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon shows great printing effect onto the PET, PE, PP, nylon, synthetic paper, etc, a variety of packaging films. The Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon is currently keeping records of its top sales volume in Chinese domestic market. However, not all of customers need it. If customers have another special requirements,just like, superior scratch resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to cooking, heat and pressure resistance (non-washing standard ribbons), cartridge printing, etc, please consider General Grade Wax Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon and high speed Wax Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon as very nice options.

Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon is a universal resin base printing ribbon developed as the needs of the special TTO project, is used to printing the production date, production batch number, and shelf life on the surface of food packaging bag. Working with near edge printers, the Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon is a new type of Sensitive Resin (SR) that not only achieve the high-speed printing, but also have a balance between thermal response and print adhesion performance.

TTO.jpgStrict quality inspection, basically eliminate the following six problems

Needle eye
The inner diameter of the core error
No printing error during printing


Suitable for different materials, also the bar code printing are both for the horizontal and the vertical.

2.Clear writing, strong adhesion, easy molding
The printed characters are never fall off, and the print effect is clear and solid.

3.Scratch resistant, durability, long life
Anti-static coating effectively protects the print head, which is resistant to scratch, water, oil and corrosion.

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Resin Near Edge TTO Ribbon.jpg

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