Near Edge Ribbons Multiple Sizes

The Recommended Applications and Substrates of Near Edge Ribbons: High-Speed Printing, Date, Lot & Bar code Printing, Poly-Bag Applications, Flexible Packaging, Snack, Food, Candy, Bakery Goods, Retail Labels, Compliance Labeling, Inventory and Hang Tags etc.

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PET Film

Base Film Thickness

4.0±0.5 μm

Ink Thickness

2.0±0.2 μm

Ink Melting Point

65 ℃

Reflection Optical Density

≥1.5 D

Printing Speed

Up to 500mm/second

【Remarks】Any of size of jumbo rolls and small cutting-finished rolls could be customized as customers’ requirement.

Analysis and Inspection for Near Edge Ribbons

The role of the inspection team in Only Ribbon Industry is very crucial. It is mainly to fulfill the different requirements in seriously controlled and analyzed productions of Near Edge Ribbons and Hot Stamp Ribbon.

We have experienced analysts for methods development, validation and analysis. All compounds, from raw materials to intermediate to final Near Edge Ribbons and Hot Stamp Ribbon, are analyzed in the QC team of Only Industry Ribbon. Further support during the development and optimization phases of a project comes from the wide variety of different analytical methods which are available on our R&D center as well.

To ensure the quality and usage effect of Near Edge Ribbons and Hot Stamp Ribbon, intermediates and starting materials are confirmed totally in advance, also the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine test the ink layer adhesion of color band in our lab testing working.

Analyzing and testing methods are often transferred from the clients and validated according to internationally accepted guidelines. If no validated methods are available, Only Industry Ribbon develops the necessary methods and transfers them from the development to QC labs at plants. Accompanying this development is often the identification and synthesis of all important existing problems circumvention for their usage as standards. 

Our company has the most domestic advanced Near Edge Ribbons and Hot stamp ribbon lines. Some of the core machines are imported from Japan and regularly passed through strict inspection and cleaning in order to ensure the Near Edge Ribbons and Hot Stamp Ribbon lines can be very efficient operated. The production department operators will receive rigorous training before taking up their positions, and some employees have more than five years operating experience in Near Edge Ribbons Multiple Sizes and Hot stamp ribbon areas. The chief engineer who is in charge of the workshop will be responsible for the whole production process which including raw material inspection and production process. Also, our chief engineer has ten years of experience in the Near Edge Ribbons Multiple Sizes production, and also are familiar with the production technology and production process completely.


Near Edge Ribbons Multiple Sizes

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