• Hot Stamping Services

    Hot Stamping Services

    our Hot Stamping Services, you can enjoy the excellent printing performance with the most competitive price and the best service at the same time. Hot Stamping Ribbon including SCF900 and SCF910, two grades, the Hot Stamping Foil SCF900 is general grade, and the Hot Stamping...Read More
  • Gold Foil Stamping

    Gold Foil Stamping

    Gold Foil Stamping, also named Coding Foil or Hot Foil, working with Hot Stamp Printer. Customers’ information or logo can be put on the packing of our Gold Foil Stamping and thermal transfer ribbon (foil). As long as you send us your information and logo, we will try to...Read More
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax

    Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax

    Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax, avoid food contamination and improve production hygiene. It can be widely used in clothing, sports equipment, toys, advertising, automotive supplies and other fields. Many food, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries use their print...Read More
  • Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon is on the thermal transfer barcode printer. The heat-resistant coating is in direct contact with the thermal transfer head. The thermal transfer ink is in direct contact with the substrate (standard). During operation, the thermal transfer...Read More
  • Wax Based Ink

    Wax Based Ink

    Wax based ink: high density, high sensitivity, suitable for paper labels, excellent printing effect and lower cost. Premium thermal transfer ribbon could protect the print head, and the printing effect could be accurately shown to the packing without spreading and falling off.Read More
  • Foil Stamping Colors

    Foil Stamping Colors

    Foil stamping colors, the main features of thermal transfer ribbon are rapid, convenient, and providing clear and accurate printing to various products or services timely. Thermal Transfer Ribbon could be widely used in all types of materials. Thermal transfer is a printing...Read More
  • Code Stamp

    Code Stamp

    Code stamp is a kind of printing consumable that we are familiar with. Many industries use the ribbon for printing date and batch no.,such as food, medicine, and chemicals.So as to prevent the ink layer falling off to affect sales,the ink ribbon adhesion capability should be...Read More
  • Near Edge Wax Resin Ribbon

    Near Edge Wax Resin Ribbon

    ​Near Edge Wax resin ribbon for date coding on the food package. Intelligent thermal transfer coding technology is a digital technology that uses digital signals to control the heating unit of the print head to achieve instant heating and transfers ink from the ribbon to the...Read More
  • Hot Stamping Ink Roller

    Hot Stamping Ink Roller

    Date coding Ink roller especially for food packaging bags Date coding Ink roller The hot stamping Ink roller working with the hot ink roll coders, used for plastic film, paper and other material surfaces, printing production date, batch number, etc. With the advantages of...Read More
  • Premium Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    Premium Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    Premium Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Our mission is that our excellent Made in China goods is being globalization, prospering and taking root; our goal is that over 150 countries and regions customers own the excellent experience using our Premium Near Edge Thermal...Read More
  • Near Edge Ribbons Multiple Sizes

    Near Edge Ribbons Multiple Sizes

    The Recommended Applications and Substrates of Near Edge Ribbons: High-Speed Printing, Date, Lot & Bar code Printing, Poly-Bag Applications, Flexible Packaging, Snack, Food, Candy, Bakery Goods, Retail Labels, Compliance Labeling, Inventory and Hang Tags etc.Read More
  • Near Edge Ribbons for Barcode

    Near Edge Ribbons for Barcode

    The recommended Substrates of Wax/Resin Near Edge Ribbons for Barcode: Art paper, Matte and Coated paper, Synthetic Paper, Polyolefin (i.e.Tyvek), Polyester, Polypropylene & Polyethylene, and Flexible Packaging Films etc. So before using Near Edge Ribbons for Barcode, just...Read More