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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Is A Very Large Product
- May 10, 2013 -

Thermal transfer ribbons are a very versatile product with a very large amount of use. With the rapid development of information technology in China and the continuous expansion and deepening of computer applications, people are increasingly demanding high-speed, high-quality output printing, while the traditional printing methods in the market are in terms of price, print quality, and print speed. It is difficult to meet the full range of users' needs. Thermal transfer ribbons use high-strength and ultra-thin films and high-concentration inks, and use a single-use method, resulting in high quality print characters, long ribbon life, and overcome the ink jet crepe, easily soluble Water and other defects, thermal transfer method does not have any requirements on the print media, can be printed on plain paper, recycled paper, wax paper, ordinary film, envelopes, labels and fabrics to achieve high-definition printing.

The thermal transfer imaging method was invented by Mille in 1953, accompanied by the development of microelectronics, lithography, semiconductor heating element technology and laser technology, especially the development of high-sensitivity thermal transfer imaging functional material technology, thermal transfer printing. As a non-contact printing computer peripheral hard output device, the printer has become a special type of printer with a high market share. The thermodynamic principle of its imaging is to drive the semiconductor electric heating head or laser to transfer the heat to the imaging material of the support by the computer signal, so that the imaging material is thermally fused and transferred to the image receiving medium to form characters and images. Thermal transfer imaging material is coated on a tape base and is referred to as a thermal transfer ribbon or thermal transfer ribbon.