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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Is A Printer Consumable
- Apr 11, 2012 -

Thermal transfer ribbons are printer consumables, which are polyester or other high-density films coated with wax-based, resin-based, or mixed ink on one side. Lubricant is applied on the side without ink to prevent the print head from being worn and damaged. The common axis of the ribbon is paper and plastic. The main requirement is that it cannot be deformed and cannot slide during printing. Common colors with wax base, wax tree mixed base, resin base several. At present, we use color coded ribbons, infusion bag ribbons, special resin ribbons for washing fabrics, carbon ribbons for ribbons, barcode ribbons, wax-color ribbons, hybrid ribbons, ribbons, and resins. Base - ribbons and other models. Ribbons/ribbons of different materials and varieties are applicable to both printing materials and printers. In the ribbon/ribbon thermal transfer technology, the performance of the printer is first and foremost.

a) Thin and strong polyester or other high-density material tape base;

b) Primer with base front to ensure uniform ink and complete transfer of ink during printing;

c) wax or resin-based ink layers;

d) The outer coating on the ink layer protects the ink and enhances the adhesion to the printed material during printing;

e) Backing with a base to protect the print head against static electricity, soaking and reducing friction.

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