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The Design Of Heat Transfer Machine Is Originally A Practical Art
- Jan 21, 2014 -

In life, the pattern on many of the products we use is the application of thermal transfer film technology to achieve beautiful results. Domestic thermal transfer companies have developed quite rapidly. Although the heat transfer machine's color level has improved, there are still some common problems in the heat transfer process.

 * 1 The design of thermal transfer printers was originally a practical art. Its ultimate goal is to design finished products to be put on the market for sales. Therefore, satisfying consumers' consumption psychology is the success of color matching. Different groups of people have different preferences for color.

* 2 Digital printing has been included in the textile industry with the promotion of water and waterless printing and dyeing technologies. With the generality of digital printing equipment, the decline in ink quality and prices, and the maturing of process technology, I feel that With the increase of residents' income level, personalization and high-quality textile demand will increase.

 * 3 Thermal transfer technology can also use a variety of different transfer materials to achieve different printing effects, the most important are film transfer and sublimation transfer. The transfer film transferred by the film contains glue, and the pattern of the glue is printed on the surface of the commodity by high temperature and high pressure.