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How To Transfer Heat Transfer Paper
- Jul 21, 2016 -

Thermal transfer processing is a one-time multi-color printing, thermal transfer technology will not be the problem of color registration. These advantages can also be combined very effectively with engraving and etching. The thermal transfer technology prints a beautiful picture in the engraved area or can be precisely etched after printing. Thermal transfer processing can also achieve good results in the engraving industry. breakthrough.

1. The heat transfer paper is mainly used to transfer target patterns to clothing, curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, umbrella fabrics, handbags, carpet fabrics, and toy fabrics. These areas of application are commonly contacted by our lives. .

2. The thermal transfer process avoids the problem of positional offset encountered in manual printing. The thermal transfer technology for the thermal transfer process requires the universal printer to no longer use the traditional printing modes and methods, and is no longer a simple manual operation in the past. And technology printing, which is better integrated with computer synthesis and automatic control technology with higher thermal transfer technology content, can accurately align the area and position to be printed, and avoid the positional offset encountered by manual printing. The problem.

3, thermal transfer paper transfer effect: heat transfer processing of high-quality transfer paper through the print color, can be seen from the color ratio, such as color reproduction, saturation, fidelity, ink absorption, etc., through this In a few aspects, you can decide whether or not the weight of the transfer paper is good.