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Heat Transfer Time Is Also Determined By The Thermal Transfer Effect
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Thermal transfer time is also determined by the thermal transfer effect. If the temperature is too high, the time for thermal transfer can be reduced, and the speed of the thermal transfer substrate on the table can be adjusted; otherwise, the speed of the transfer table can be lowered.

Thermal transfer is a special printing process, which has been introduced from abroad for more than 20 years. The printing method is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer printing. Transfer printing film printing uses dot printing (resolution is up to 300dpi), the pattern is pre-printed on the surface of the film, the printed pattern is rich in layers, bright colors, ever-changing, small color difference, good reproducibility, can meet the design effect of the design requirements, and suitable for mass production, thermal transfer processing through the heat One time processing (heat and pressure) of the transfer machine transfers the fine pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product. After the molding, the ink layer dissolves into the surface of the product, making it lifelike and beautiful, and greatly improving the product quality.

The thermal transfer film is a dielectric material for the thermal transfer process. The thermal transfer decoration process is a process in which a heat transfer film is used for one-time heating and the decorative pattern on the thermal transfer printing is transferred onto the surface of the decorated building material to form a high-quality decorative film. In the thermal transfer process, thermal transfer utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to separate the protective layer and the patterned layer from the polyester substrate, and the hot melt adhesive permanently bonds the entire decorative layer to the substrate.