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Why is the ribbon unclear?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Label printing is clear. A large part of the reason is related to carbon. Often the ribbon plays a multiplier effect. Many times, customers will ask us why the ribbon selection is blurred when it is printed. Is it unclear? In fact, this has a lot to do with the printing temperature of the machine. How do you adjust the suitable temperature of the printer? Let me introduce you in detail below.

Many customers sometimes don't know how to set the temperature of the printer, which causes the printing to be blurred. For example, if the printing temperature is low, the ribbon will not be printed clearly. If the printing temperature is too high, the ribbon will be messed up. phenomenon. Adjust the print temperature to get a clear effect.

According to the technician, the default temperature of the machine is generally 10 degrees. Clicking on “Print” usually has an option to adjust the temperature. The descriptions of different machines are different. Blackness, pressure, depth, etc. are all temperatures.

Temperature selection: the wax is 2/2, the mixed is 3/3, and the resin is 4/4.

For example, the temperature option of the machine is 0 to 20 degrees, the printing temperature of the wax base is about 8 degrees, the printing temperature of the mixed base is about 12 degrees, and the printing temperature of the resin base is about 16 degrees.

Some machines have a temperature option of -10 to 10 degrees, a wax-based printing temperature of -3 degrees, a mixed base printing temperature of about 0 degrees, and a resin-based printing temperature of about 6 degrees.

The above is an introduction to how to adjust the ribbon temperature.