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Why does the printhead break / service life /how to care ?
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Some of customers asked us the printhead's daily maintenance suggestion these days. Now we would like to share with some of suggestion for your reference,regarding to barcode printhead maintenance,and how long the printhead has been used for,also how the printhead perform routine maintenance.

Why does the printhead of the barcode printer break the needle?

1. Because the barcode printhead is composed of a row of hot stamping needles, so the higher printinghead,whose printinghead needle is much more thinner.

2. The printhead breaks the needle which is very easy to see. You will find that the printed label is straight with the fixed blank line from top to bottom,so which indicating that the printhead have broken the needle already. Printhead breaks the needles which can not be repaired yet,just only replacement, and the price is not cheap.So please take proper care.

3. The main causes of the needle breaking are,
The dust on the surface of the paper, like a large stone, shaved the thin needle directly.
The surface of cheap label is not smooth,which also is the main cause of broken needle.
Because it is necessary to increase the temperature of the printinghead when using the inexpensive ribbons and labels, and the printing working can be made clear. Meanwhile,the high temperature is also the cause of needle breaking and shortening the life of the printinghead as well.

The label dropped on the ground was covered with dust but was rolled back to use.

The width of the thermal transfer ribbon should be even wider than the label, because the edge of the label is very sharp. Not only will cut the head but also break the printhead as well, so do not use a narrower size than the label in order to save the ribbon,in fact,the cost is more than saved.
The roller underneath the printhead are not clean,and there are many bumps of hard plastic that cause sloping the surfaces.