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Why does have the blank label while printing?
- Jul 27, 2018 -

When printing label, the labels printed out are blank and no content. After the rechecking,there was no problem with the settings of the labels in the care label software, and the layout was also set according to the actual label size as well. How to solve this problem? What are the reasons? If you have encountered this above problems, please check the following suggestion.

First, check the printer ribbon and label paper installation.

1. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the ribbon and label of the care label printer are correct.
2. Does this ribbon support such of the printing label and is used on this type of printer?
3. Then check if the ribbon is installed in reverse. If it is installed in reverse, the blank label will be happened.
4. If there is no problem with the printer installed on the printer, check whether the printer can properly feed the paper well. If there is any content on the paper and the paper does not print on the paper yet,please still continue with the following settings.

Second, checking the printer's preferred settings are correct.

1. Checking in the printer property firstly and learning the print type is set correctly.
2. While the printing mode is correct,and the print content is light or the weight,also the ink is not clear. The “print depth” can be set again.
General speaking,if your labels and ribbons are installed properly, care label printer will not have such problem.
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