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Which type of barcode ribbon has the best scratch resistant?
- Jun 14, 2018 -

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Near Edge TTO Ribbon

The barcode ribbon is a consumable used by bar code printers. It is a kind of polyester film coated with wax, resin or mixed wax and resin on one side. The ink-free side is coated with lubricant to prevent wear of the print head. The ink on the barcode ribbon is transferred to the label by the corresponding heat and pressure of the barcode printer print head.

Frequently encountered users put forward some requirements, such as waterproof, anti-oil, anti-alcohol, scratch-resistant, etc., what kind of ribbon, which type of ribbon can achieve the best scratch resistance? For this situation, ONLY ribbon do a special test. The test was mainly performed on coated paper. The principles and methods to test other types of paper is the same?

First, the ribbons for printing coated paper are mainly wax ribbon, wax resin ribbon, and they are imported or domestically produced. Before printing, understand the composition and applications of these two types of ribbons firstly.

A. Wax ribbon

1. Wax ribbons have the characteristics of low cost, good printing effect, and no scattering in case of water droplets. Can be printed on the surface of the printing material; suitable for high speed printing.

2. It is not suitable for printing tear-off labels or washing tags; although printed, it is easy to be scraped off.

3, Can print general copper plate label, apparel tag, price tag, carton label, wristband tag, certificate label, product label.

B. Wax Resin ribbon

1. Half-resin half-wax ribbons have scratch-resistance and wear-resistance compared to full-wax ribbons, but they are slightly inferior to those of full-resin ribbons. Can be printed in deeper than the full wax ribbon inside the printed material. Printed on a torn label works well.

2. Less suitable for printing on PET labels; although it can be printed clearly, half-resin half wax ribbons still contain wax on the surface of the label; therefore, the anti-scratch effect is not as good as the full resin ribbon.

3, Can print bright copper plate label, apparel tag, general copper plate label, outer box label, wrist band label, shelf label.