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Whether the Washing Care Label Printer can print the clothing tag?
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The washing care label printer is a printing device that is designed to quickly print a lot of washing care labels and cloth labels. It has been widely used in clothing, home textiles and other industries that need to use the washing labels. The washing care label printer can adapt to the different needs of production and life, and print various washing labels of different sizes according to the different conditions of each enterprise.

In addition to printing and labeling, the washing care label printer can even print garment tag, which is easy and quick to use. It can be printed in single or batch, completely controlled by users. It is one of the indispensable production tools for enterprises. Clothing tag is a part of clothing logo, which is an indispensable symbol of qualified clothing. Today, with the gradual improvement of the quality of life, clothing tag has become an essential symbol for the purchase of clothes, showing the important role of the tag. The tag has also become one of the conditions for clothing to enter the international market.

Features of the water washing care label printer:

1. Industrial quality, not limited by the amount of printing, can be printed 24 hours;

2. Not only can you print washing care label, fabrics, clothing tags, but also print pet, copper paper, thermal paper stickers and synthetic materials;

3. The washing care label printer uses the thermal transfer method to print text and graphics with anti-scratch effects. The special ribbon printing can also make the printing products waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant.

4. Printing speed is extremely fast, up to 152mm / sec;

At present, the demand of the apparel industry presents a variety of individualized trends. Each time the production of clothing is highly personalized, each product may be as many as several hundred pieces, and batch printing of the tag is obviously an unwise choice. After all, each product The composition, fabric and size are different. In this case, washing care label printer can make the work easier and more efficient.