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Whether the care label printer could print garment tag?
- Jul 26, 2018 -

General speaking,the care label printer is a device that specializes in the rapid printing of care labels and cloth labels. It has been widely used in garments, home textiles and other industry territory. Care label printer could adapt to the different needs of industry and living, according to the different requirements,company could design and print a variety of different sizes and materials of care labels.

Besides printing labels and cloth labels,the care label printer could even print apparel tags, which are simple and quick to use, is printed in a single sheet, also printed in batches as well. It is completely controlled by users,the care label printer is an indispensable production tool of factory. The clothing tag is part of the clothing logo and is an indispensable symbol of qualified clothing. With the normal life improvement, the clothing tag become an sign for the purchase of clothes, and the important role of the tag can be seen. The tag also become one of the conditions for the production of garments to enter the international market.