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What is the difference between thermal paper and thermal transfer paper?
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Bar code label paper is commonly used in thermal paper and thermal transfer. Thermal transfer is also divided into copper paper, synthetic paper and PET, and they are also used with carbon ribbon. So which one to choose for these two barcode labels? Below, Shenzhen Yacheng CoCo talks about the characteristics of these two types of label paper.

Characteristics of thermal paper material: no need for carbon ribbon, it will turn black when it is hot, it will be easy to fade after storage for a long time, it should not be used for long time storage, and the printing effect is not good for thermal transfer, and it is not wearable. It is also not resistant to corrosion by chemical agents. It is suitable for being attached to the environment and stored for a short time. When choosing a thermal barcode label, pay attention to the environment and whether it is suitable. Using thermal paper to damage the print head is relatively large.

Among the thermal transfer labels, the copper paper is ordinary paper and is easily torn into two halves. Synthetic paper is sturdy on the basis of paper and is not easily torn. The material of PET is the best in label paper, it will not be torn. When you choose, you should choose the appropriate bar code label according to the actual needs.

       Good labels and ribbons not only extend the life of the printhead, but also deliver the perfect results that customers expect.

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