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What is invisible bar code
- May 08, 2018 -

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Invisible bar code is a kind of bar code "disappearing" in the pattern of packaging and decorating technology. Such bar code does not destroy the overall effect of packaging and decoration, does not affect the bar code function, but also can meet the needs of anti-counterfeiting.

Invisible bar code application

In daily life, the bar code mark that we come into contact with extensively is the clear mark, that is, we can see the bar with low light reflectivity and the empty space with high light reflectivity with naked eyes. These bar code marks usually emit light with visible light. The bar code readers made of diodes and He-Ne lasers, infrared semiconductor lasers, and CCD devices can read these bar codes. Obviously, such barcode identifiers are easily copied by people without security features. In practical applications, some famous and high-quality products, confidential documents, certificates, and identity certificates all require bar code identification with anti-counterfeiting features. The China Barcode Center High-tech Development Institute successfully developed the invisible bar code.

Invisible barcodes are used to encode information such as the product name, manufacturer, and date of shipment using a self-designed code system and print them into paper baskets. The paper basket has become indistinguishable by the human eye, and cannot be identified by visible light through the invisible processing. This type of label is generally attached to the unpacking of the goods. When the invisible bar code reader scans the invisible bar code, the bar code information is displayed on the reader.

Bar code invisible processing process is to cover the bar code on the actinic material, so that the bar code becomes visible light and non-specific band infrared light can not penetrate the invisible bar code. Only invisible bar code readers with high resolution and specific wavelength as the light source can scan the invisible bar code reading acquisition information.

Invisible media requires non-toxic, odorless, and does not damage the bar code information on the paper. Invisible bar code readers should have a high enough resolution and depth of field to recognize invisible and visible bar codes. Bar code markings cannot be distorted, uneven, or large-sized hill-spots after invisible processing, and optical transmittance uniformity should be guaranteed.

Invisible bar codes provide new anti-counterfeiting measures for companies and security departments.

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Invisible bar code technology

1. Covered invisible bar code
The principle of this kind of invisible bar code is to cover it with a specific film or coating after the bar code is printed, so that the bar code after processing is difficult for human eyes to recognize. The cover-type invisible bar code has good anti-counterfeiting effect, but its decorating effect is not ideal.

2. Photochemical treatment of invisible bar code
The optical method is used to process common visual barcodes, so that after processing the barcodes, it is difficult for the human eye to find traces. It cannot be read with normal-wavelength light and non-specific light. This stealth barcode is completely invisible. , The decoration effect is also very good, it can also be designed as a double anti-counterfeit packaging

3, stealth ink printed invisible bar code
This bar code can be divided into colorless ink printing bar code and colored ink printing bar code. The former generally use fluorescent inks, thermochromic inks, phosphorescent inks and other special inks to print bar codes. Such invisible bar codes must use special illumination in printing. In the bar code identification, corresponding sensitive light sources must be used. Such bar codes were originally Invisible, and bar code printing for colored inks is generally printed with color-changing inks. Stealth ink printed invisible bar code, the same process and general printing.

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