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What is Digital thermal transfer?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

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What is Digital thermal transfer?

Digital thermal transfer is a new technology that combines traditional thermal transfer and digital printing to print color images and patterns without a plate. Initially, this technology was mainly used in advertising, signage, card, and ceramic image production. Later, with the widening of the application field, it was more widely used in industrial production, such as digital printing and dyeing and apparel production, shoe material production, and ribbon weaving. In the industrialization of apparel labels, there are increasing numbers of applications.The earliest countries to apply this technology are the United States, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, China and other countries. From the scale of the market in the past two years, China has become the world's largest digital thermal transfer processing market. Many international brands of thermal transfer color printing inks have begun to stare at the huge Chinese market and participate in market competition. There is a great deal of hope and the competition will become increasingly fierce. Among them, digital thermal transfer using inkjet printing technology as a technical form can guarantee a certain width and length, and is more suitable for industrial production.

Market Significance of Digital Thermal Transfer?

Digital thermal transfer is a new technology that appears to meet the needs of personalized market development and consumer demand for personalized products. It is an effective complement to traditional thermal transfer technology and traditional thermal transfer products. Therefore, strictly speaking, the market position of digital thermal transfer technology and products is a personalized product market. Traditional thermal transfer products are difficult to produce small batches of personalized products due to technical limitations and model-making costs. Therefore, in the traditional thermal transfer market, personalized products are a market gap before the digital thermal transfer. The advent of this technology has made it possible to produce personalized thermal transfer products. Not only that, the quality of the printed images of digital thermal transfer products is far better than the traditional thermal transfer technology. This is why digital thermal transfer technology can be popularized and popularized within a few years.