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What are the main industries for thermal transfer ribbons?
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Heat transfer ribbons are heated by a thermal transfer print head to achieve high-speed printing of industrial marking devices. The English name is Thermal transfer overprinter referred to as TTO.

The scope of application of thermal transfer coder: can be printed on the surface of soft and thin material packaging label or smooth card surface; need to bar code (any) occasions; to print real-time information can be accurate to the production time.

Main industries are used for: fast food candy bread cold fresh food (frozen dumplings) frozen food fresh vegetables wet wipes solid powder (milk powder) and any other flexible packaging industry.

The thermal transfer coder is divided into two types, continuous and intermittent. The continuous type requires a synchronizer, while the intermittent type requires a silicone pad.

Thermal transfer printer supplies are thermal transfer ribbons. Ribbons are divided into three types, wax-based Wax, Resin Resin, Wax/Resin Blend.

Thermal transfer coder works:

Each printhead has a row of heating elements; these elements are glazed (a vitreous thin layer) as a protective layer and pressed and heated at the appropriate time; the heat generated by these elements will be the ink on the ribbon Melt while transferring ink to the substrate due to the pressure of air pressure. Only the word of the thermal transfer printer is not independent and can be printed.

Thermal transfer printer performance

1,300 dpi resolution

Thermal transfer coding gives nozzle heating and ribbon heating. The spray head contains a ceramic-glass assembly with 12 heated print dots per mm. Can provide print quality up to 300 dpi resolution. Print information is prepared in a heated jet, and individual print dots also need to be heated. The color pigments on the foil are heated to print in the desired area.

2, the operating cost is economic, can print a variety of information

The Thermal Transfer Intelligent Coder (TTO) is free to program and generate various data for each identification job. High-resolution printheads can print text, graphics, lot numbers, real-time dates, and bar codes. With the proven thermal transfer coding technology, it is possible to code directly on the packaging material. As a result, labels are no longer needed and the cost is significantly reduced.

3, provide the most economical solution for the packaging industry

Using the most advanced thermal transfer coding technology, ribbon consumption is minimal, which makes the thermal transfer coder has a very economic advantage in the flexible packaging industry. Such equipment can be marked on packages such as small packaging bags, outer foils, packaging films, continuous films, etc., and can also be used to fill the label of the sealing machine.

4, intermittent printing

Intermittent printing for an intermittently operated (static/starting) line, that is, a print job completed during a stationary period. A real-time printing program is started according to the signal sent from the thermal transfer printer. The print head moves downwards and is integrated with the support plate to move on the print surface. After printing is complete, the product moves forward and the print head returns to its original position.