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What are the compositions of wax ribbons and resin ribbons?
- Aug 15, 2018 -

There are many types of ribbons, there are many brands, and the ribbon is a very important material for printing. Generally speaking, the quality of the ribbon is not only determined by the life of the print head but also by the printing effect. Then there are the common types of ribbons and how to distinguish them:

Wax ribbon. Wax ribbons generally refer to a high percentage of wax-based materials that in turn determine the melting point of the ribbon. The melting point is the energy level required for printing. Usually, the melting point of the wax is much lower than that of the resin, so the energy level required for printing with a wax-based ribbon is much lower than that of printing with a mixed base and a resin. However, since most waxes are softer than resins, the durable wax ribbon of the printed pattern is not as good as the resin base, so most of the wax-based ribbons are only one coat.

Resin ribbon. The resin ribbon usually means the highest proportion of the resin component, and it requires a higher energy level when printing than a wax-based mixed base. However, since most resins are much harder than waxes, high levels of resin give this ribbon excellent anti-scratch and chemical resistance.

How do we distinguish between wax-based ribbons and resin-based carbons?

It is difficult for people to distinguish the wax-based ribbon and the resin-based ribbon with the naked eye. Therefore, it is not recommended for customers to select the barcode ribbon when purchasing the ribbon. The quality of the ribbon is matched with the corresponding label material. Look at the test results by printing. Or try to put the two ribbons together, then pull the ribbon away to look at the light. It can be seen that the blackest, almost opaque is the wax base, the most transparent, the light yellow is the resin. Moreover, the wax base looks pure black, and the resin can be seen as a strip or other regular pattern coating.

Of course, it is impossible for every ribbon buyer to test it before buying it. Sometimes it is urgent to use it. It can only be communicated with the ribbon seller, and the label material and printing requirements (scratch resistance, resistance) Alcohol, high temperature...), or see the seller's printed display is also possible.