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What are the benefits of barcode labels for merchandise packaging?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The barcode label is the product information for the computer to read. It has appeared on a wide range of goods so far. The reason for the rapid spread of bar codes, in addition to the bar code technology is a necessary condition for modern business, but also because the bar code mark has an unexpected decorative effect on the goods. Here we talk about the impact of barcode labels on the packaging and decoration effect of goods.

First, adapt to the consumer's "selective psychology"

Among the many things in daily life, people's eyes are always the first to see those familiar and most recognizable things. These things are the most likely to trigger people's interest and impulse, attention and feedback, feeling of intimacy and pleasure, which is the "selective psychology" in the dominance. In the vast ocean of goods, the accompanying goods with bar code labels are always sold faster than the goods without bar code labels, and it is also the role of “selective psychology”.

Second, add knowledge and fun for packaging and decoration

It is human nature to love learning and to constantly acquire all kinds of knowledge. After the bar code mark is applied on the packaging and decoration of the goods, it has objectively played the role of disseminating knowledge. Many consumers started by touching the package with the bar code logo, knew the commercial use of the computer, knew the supermarket, and knew the information processing. All of this makes the bar coded packaging look "interesting".

Third, the unique performance personality and decoration patterns form a clear aesthetic contrast

The bar code label graphic symbol is more eye-catching in its colorful packaging and decoration atmosphere with its uniform, dense and balanced, monochromatic and monotonous appearance. This kind of harmony between the lines and the picture makes the consumer feel pleasing to the eye after seeing it.

Fourth, add a sense of the packaging of the times

Chasing the trend of the times is a manifestation of the mass consumer psychology. Since the bar code label is a graphic symbol with a strong sense of the times, its application in the packaging of goods has undoubtedly become the object of favor of these consumer groups.

Fifth, adapt to consumer curiosity

Curious people have it. When goods with bar code labels first appeared on the market, they caused a lot of consumers' curiosity. Consumers were driven by curiosity to generate purchase motives, which enabled these products to smoothly open their markets and occupy the market.