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Wax ribbon is a widely used product
- May 23, 2018 -

Wax ribbon is a universal ribbon that is widely used. Its excellent printing effect, economical cost, high temperature resistance, suitable for high speed printing.

Wax ribbon

Resin Thermal Transfer ribbon.jpg

Wax ribbon is a kind of easy-to-use, inexpensive and economical product. Wax ribbon is mainly processed with wax and black energy, and is mainly used for printing on paper. The use of Wax ribbon requires attention to the suitability of the paper. Wax ribbons are mainly used in bumpy materials and do not apply to flat, smooth materials.

The development of Wax ribbons in the market is very extensive. According to relevant data, Wax ribbons account for 70% of the market, and the prospects for Wax ribbons are very broad.

Wax ribbons usually refer to high percentages of wax-based materials that in turn determine the melting point of the ribbon. The melting point is an influence on the energy level needed for printing. Usually, the melting point of the wax is much lower than that of the resin. Therefore, the energy level required for printing with a Wax ribbon is much lower than that of printing with a Wax/Resin ribbon and a resin ribbon.