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Washing care label ribbon standard for the apparel industry
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The development of the wash care textile ribbon standard satisfies the stability and improvement of the quality of the ribbon product and enhances the traceability of the products in the apparel industry. Since then, the wash care textile ribbon used in the apparel industry has also been standardized.

Since 2001, China has mandated that the clothing label indicate the specific ingredients, the garment manufacturer began to use the water-washed cloth label that suits the clothing requirements as the carrier for marking the various indicators of the clothing. The wash care textile ribbon is a consumable for effectively marking the label of the garment washing cloth, and is a high-end product in the field of hot stamping. The "Washing Label Ribbon" standard classifies the dimensions of the wash care textile ribbon, and clarifies the appearance requirements as well as the longitudinal heat shrinkage, tensile strength, printing noise value, color density, electrostatic value, total solvent residue, etc. The requirement is that the printed characters are clearly legible after printing, and the character prints are clearly distinguishable after washing and dry cleaning.

More than 20 companies from the field of bar code ribbon applications participated in the standard publicity meeting at the end of May. Most companies believe that the two standards meet the requirements for the stability and improvement of the quality of the ribbon products and to ensure the market share of the independent brands. It is recommended that the label of the label of the drug label further clarify the technical requirements such as the abrasion resistance and the alcohol resistance of the imprint; The ribbon standard increases the requirements for corrosion resistance and dyeing resistance.