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Using Introduction of Ink Roller
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The ink roller is used in the ink roll coder. The working principle of the ink roll coder is to melt and print the ink in the solid ink roll on to the printed material by contacting the letter of the rotary printing machine.

The ink roll coder has a lightweight, precision manufacturing, using special zinc alloy word. The font types are mainly 1.T-character, The font direction is the same or the opposite with feeding direction; 2.R-characters, The font direction is vertically to the feeding direction. The service life of ink roll coder is long, and the replacement is easy.

The print position is electronically controlled and can be adjusted. The printing action and counting are controlled by photoelectric switches, and the number of printed sheets can be set. Special clutch, sensitive, accurate and stable. According to the needs of the market, the hot ink roll must have characteristics such as resistance to cooking, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, and abrasion resistance in order to meet the application.

The use of ink roller:

1. According to the type of ink roll coder used, adjust to the correct temperature range, then selecting the ink roller with the appropriate size and type;

2. The depth of contact between the characters and the ink roller is 0.5-2mm, and the contact depth between the characters and the printing roller is 0.1-0.3mm;

3. When using, install the ink roller, turn on the power, and turn on the electric heat switch. Gradually heat the ink roller for 20-30 minutes (applicable temperature), then printing. When the writing becomes light, increase the temperature and try to print, till the highest applicable temperature of the coder;

4. If the printed script is rough and blurred, it may be that the print head is worn or the distance between the head and the ink roller is too close. In this case, the print head must be cleaned or the distance between the head and the ink roller must be adjusted. It is also possible that the printing temperature is too high, adjust the printing temperature in time;

5. If the printed script is too light, the distance between the print head and the ink roller may be too far, adjust accordingly. Secondly, the print temperature is too low, or the hot ink roller had worked for a long period, replace a new ink roller instead;

6. When the printing is finished, it is best to turn off the heat source first, let the hot ink roller keep rotating for about ten minutes, till cooled down, then turn off the main power, this is to prevent the suddenly stop of hot ink roller when it is heated, and ink would flow in one direction, affecting the clarity of printing and service life of ink roller;

7. The product should be stored in the warehouse where the ambient temperature is 5-35°C, the relative humidity is 30%-80%, dry, ventilated, avoid light and corrosive gases, acids and alkalis. The product packing box should be elevated, at least 30 centimeters from the ground, 1 meter away from the wall and heating equipment;

The consumables used in the ink roll printers are liquid ink roller and solid ink roller. Both of them are environmentally friendly that no toxic or hazardous substances was produced when using, and can meet the coding needs of pharmaceuticals and food packaging very well.