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Thermal transfer is a highly technical process
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The birthplace of thermal transfer processing technology, equipment and consumables is strictly the United States, and then went to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and finally to the whole country. In thermal transfer, the most important is thermal transfer ink and thermal transfer printing. equipment.

Thermal transfer is a process with a very high technological content. Many materials need to be imported. The thermal transfer machine transfers the floral film pattern to the product. Because the transfer process is simple, fast, and non-polluting, the graphic color after transfer is Gorgeous, now widely used in kitchen utensils, especially children's tableware, to add color to our high-end kitchen, but also shows the improvement of people's living standards and superior conditions.

Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, can't do all the color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing is clear in the color. In the middle of two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. However, many products require the printing of high-precision, high-complexity designs such as trademarks and logos, and the use of gifts and handicrafts is even more widespread. The universal printer can perfectly meet this demand and fully reflects the strong market potential. Break through the bottleneck caused by screen printing, thermal transfer and other printing methods, and found new profit growth points for customers.

As far as the printing industry is concerned, there are more professional divisions, such as the traditional printing of the leather industry: the screen printing has a single color and the transition color is simple; the large-scale leather printing machine is expensive and has a high requirement for the material; the thermal transfer destroys the material. . The traditional printing method of the crystal industry is the crystal film process. The plexiglass industry is screen printing, while the metal industry uses thermal transfer printing. So thermal transfer processing thinks that once you have a universal printer, you have a stronger competitive advantage than your peers.