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There factors contribute to the premium thermal transfer ribbon
- May 09, 2018 -

The bad quality thermal transfer ribbon could do huge damage to the printer head. So do not pursue the cheap price always when they choose the ribbon because you get what you pay, the lower price the poor quality. Identifying the quality of the thermal transfer ribbon are mainly from the three points, ribbon base, ink and joint welds .

Resin TTR Ribon for Textile.jpg

Resin TTR Ribon for Textile

TTO Thermal Transfer Ribbon.jpg

TTO Thermal Transfer Ribbon

1.Ribbon base
The thermal transfer ribbon base is made by nylon yarn, and its quality directly affects the service life and the ability of ink adhesion and infiltration of ribbon. The ribbon base have two types, nylon 6 and nylon 66, whose difference is the chemical composition of the nylon. Nylon 66 is better than nylon 6 in elasticity and durability. Nylon 66 also have four classes, the low-density, the medium-density, the high-density and the high-density plus twist. Meanwhile, the higher density , the more warp and weft, the better elasticity. The better thermal transfer ribbon generally select the high-density nylon 66 weaving, and the warp and weft density is more than 130 lines per cm, and no fiber winding conditions, no flokkit, no deformation of the high-density ribbon base.
2, ink
The particle of good ink is small, does not plug the pinholes of printer. It has good flowability and uniform pH value, also with the excellent properties in adsorption and moisture retention. Meanwhile, it has a long time and slow color transition during printing. All of high-quality thermal transfer ribbon inks need to be degreased, and no any ink marks when the ribbon is touched. Additionally, the ink printing process is also very uniform without the obvious difference before/after printing.
3. joint welds
The interface of good thermal transfer ribbon is flat and narrow, the error is quite small and the hardening is light, also the printing needle do not have any influence when printing and the tensile strength is also strong. The high-quality thermal transfer ribbon are welded by ultrasonic, which can effectively ensure the quality of the joints. Also the usage of hot-melt or hot-pressed welding seams will destroy the fiber characteristics of the base, so this weld process will arise the double connectors, and the interface will be very unsmooth. This type ribbon often cannot be retracted timely in print pin using, which cause the serious wear, damage and even break the print pin totally. Therefore, customers should carefully observe the color of ribbon and the oint weld condition when purchasing working.
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