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The difference between the code printer and the ink-jet printer
- May 15, 2018 -

Since the development of science and technology, products must be marked have been written in various laws and regulations, which firstly could help companies trace product’s whereabouts, secondly,it could protect the rights and interests of consumers, and help to buy excellent products with more confidence. And thirdly, it could increase the added value of products, so the product code marking has become the norm, now we describe the difference between the code printer and various types of ink-jet printer.

The same point
1. the printing affect do not have great difference, can be met to the normal customers requirements.
2. Ink printers (or thermal printers) and ink-jet printer are all important equipment configurations of product identification.

The difference
1. the principle difference:
A. the principle of the ink-jet printer:
1.It controls the internal gear pump or compresses the gas from the outside of the machine to apply a certain pressure to the ink in the system, so that the ink is ejected through a tens of micrometer hole nozzle;
2, The ink-jet printer is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The content of the necessary code can be directly edited in the software system, non-hiccup type ink-jet marking system;
3. After detecting the electrode to know the actual charge is accurate.
4. The charged droplets are deflected in the deflection electric field formed by the deflection electrode.Ink is shoot from the nozzle, respectively, hit the surface of the product in different locations, forming the required variety of ink, patterns, etc.;
5.Uncharged ink droplets enter the receiving slot and reenter the ink circulation system inside the machine.
B.Ink printers (or thermal coders) control the motor through a simple machine imitating circuit, allowing the rubber head to transfer the required graphic and number of printing to the desired object through ink (or ribbon). The ultimate goal is the same as the code printer.
2. The difference between ways of contacting the product.
A.Ink printers (or thermal coders) must use plastic heads (or ribbons) to print directly to the printed material during the printing process, such as the fragile surface of food packaging bags,would be damaged by the great pressure when coding, and it will certainly have a great impact to the quality of the product.
B.The use of single-chip control, photoelectric feel active coding;head of inkjet printer have 2-15mm interval from the printed object in the printing process, not necessary to directly hit the printed object, so as to stop the object surface from a certain violation;
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