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Ribbon paper
- Aug 31, 2018 -

First, introduce several common ribbon papers:

Coated paper ribbon paper: It is a commonly used material for bar code printers, and its thickness is generally around 80g. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines, etc. where the amount of coated paper labels is high.

PET advanced ribbon paper: PET is the abbreviation of polyester film, which is actually a polymer material. PET has good hardness and brittleness, and its color is commonly known as silver, white, bright white and so on. According to the thickness, there are 25 (1 = 1 um), 50, 75, etc. specifications, which are related to the actual requirements of the manufacturer. Due to its excellent media properties and good antifouling, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance, PET is widely used in many special occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioner compressors, etc. In addition, PET paper has better natural degradability and has increasingly attracted the attention of manufacturers.

PVC advanced: PVC is the abbreviation of vinyl, it is also a polymer material, the common colors are white, pearl white. PVC and PET have similar performance. It has good flexibility and soft hand feeling. It is often used in some high-end occasions such as jewelry, jewelry, clocks, electronics, and metal. However, the degradability of PVC is poor, which has a negative impact on environmental protection. Some developed countries have begun to develop alternative products in this area.

Thermal paper: It is a paper treated with a high thermal-sensitive thermal coating. The high-sensitivity surface material can be used with a low-voltage printhead, resulting in minimal wear on the printhead. Thermal paper is specially used for electronic weighing, a kind of hot paper in the cash register. The easiest way to test thermal paper is to use a nail to force the paper to scratch, leaving a black scratch. Thermal paper is suitable for cold storage, freezer and other shelf signs, and its size is mostly fixed above 40mmX60mm standard is some of the performance of commonly used self-adhesive labels. Another type of application that is more of a pure paper label is the clothing tag. In view of the characteristics of the clothing itself, the commonly used clothing tag uses double-sided coated paper, and the thickness of the coated paper used for the clothing tag is generally between 160g and 300g. However, the clothing tag that is too thick is suitable for printing, and the tag of the clothing printed by the bar code printer should be about 180g, so as to ensure good printing effect and protect the print head.

Jewelry ribbon paper made:

1. Jewelry ribbon paper is suitable for jewelry stores, jade shops, jewelry stores and other stores.

2. Jewelry Ribbon Paper is a relatively large product used in the jewelry industry, mainly a ribbon paper with the name and price of the jewelry.

3. Print LOG on the jewellery ribbon paper to enhance the company's image. According to the carbon ribbon paper splicing method, it can be divided into three categories: first: with holes; second: without holes; third: with rods.

4. According to the glue application area, it is mainly divided into two categories: first: full glue, which is divided into upper and lower folds and right and left folds, the style and size are somewhat different. Second: no glue area, it is divided into the side with the rod and the right with the rod, A wide variety of styles.

5. According to the carbon ribbon paper material, it can be divided into four categories: first: copper plate + transparent PET; second: copper plate + pearlescent silver; third: copper plate + pearlescent PET; fourth: bright white PET.

6. Designers who specialize in designing jewellery ribbon paper, and have many years of experience in the production and processing of jewellery ribbon paper!

The ribbon is a very important material for printing. Generally speaking, the quality of the ribbon is related to the printing effect, in addition to determining the life of the print head. A good carbon ribbon protects the print head, and the resulting effect can be accurately attached to the paper, which is not easily spread and does not fall off easily.

Excellent color ribbon is produced in China, with reasonable price and quality assurance. Product target positioning "Let bar code printing more economical" is the leader of the domestic carbon belt brand. The excellent color ribbon series fully meets the needs of all barcode printing users, wax, half-tree and half wax, resin.

Features: Wide range of ribbon paper adaptability and versatility. Excellent printing results and cost-effective. High temperature resistance, suitable for high speed printing. Wide range of applications, can adapt to different materials. The antistatic back coat is easy to protect the printhead effectively.

Applicable occasions: ordinary carbon ribbon paper; shipping, warehouse and receiving carbon ribbon paper; outer casing and packaging ribbon paper; delivery and address; ribbon paper: retail label and tag; clothing ribbon paper: electronic ribbon paper;

Applicable medium: coated paper label and tag (thermal transfer paper, ordinary coated paper);

Storage: To ensure the best performance, use, transport and store the ribbon as follows.