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Ribbon coder introduction
- May 29, 2018 -

Ribbon coder is the most common and most commonly used type of coder. In daily life, many products are coded using ribbon coders. We may only know that the ribbon coder has very powerful features. What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

Ribbon coder advantages: easy to use it can be used after the power is turned on and warmed up, needed supplies include hot stamp ribbons, ink rollers, low cost, easy to operate,save room,small and medium-sized companies generally use it, which is why ribbon printers are popular. With the continuous development of the industrial economy and the variety of commodities, the market for ribbon printers will continue to grow.

Disadvantages of the ribbon coder: The date or lot number has a general adhesion, if rubbing with alcohol more than 10 times,it may lose color.It's easy to get hot and drop ink, the food bag will not be very clean.It is troublesome to change the date. Print content is limited, common text, numbers. Print items are limited, Paper and plastic bags must be relatively flat when printing.The font size is limited.

Only by properly understanding these issues can we make more use of existing equipment and create more wealth.

ONLY ribbons (hot stamp ribbon) are used in ribbon coders to print production dates, batch numbers, etc. on packaging materials such as various packaging films, aluminum foils, glazing papers, prefabricated bags, and labels. Widely used in food, medicine, dairy products, daily necessities, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries.