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Printing consumables industry analysis
- Aug 01, 2018 -

The printing consumable industry chain is from upstream to downstream: chemical raw materials - toner (ink) - toner cartridge (ink cartridge) - printer. Industry participants can be divided into original manufacturers and compatible product manufacturers. Terminal printers are durable goods, and the market demand is huge, but the competition is also very intense.

Taking color laser printers as an example, the intensification of industry competition in recent years has led to the price of entry-level color laser printers has dropped to 20% five years ago, and the decline is very obvious. The decline in prices has driven the rapid adoption of printers. According to statistics, global shipments of printers reached 116 million units in 2012, and the printer market is expected to resume growth in 2013.

The fierce price competition has led to a sharp decline in the profitability of terminal printers, and terminal manufacturers are more dependent on the sales profit of consumables. Take a color laser printer as an example. It needs to be equipped with black, blue, yellow and red toner cartridges, and a set of four-color original toner cartridges can cost as much as 1,600 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of an entry-level color laser printer. In the future, the toner cartridge must be replaced continuously. After the investigation, the industrial information network found that the profit of printing consumables was very high. The industry essentially relied on the profit of consumables.

The printing consumables industry has a huge market space, and the huge amount of terminal printers required for the amount of consumables is very large. The global shipment of toner cartridges will increase from 379 million in 2010 to 479 million, of which compatible toner cartridges account for less than 30% of the market share. Original toner cartridges cost about 400 yuan each, compatible with 100 yuan, the average Each toner cartridge sells for about 300 yuan, while the global toner cartridge industry has a market capacity of more than 100 billion yuan.