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Packaging machine use failure analysis and solution large collection
- Aug 22, 2018 -

If there is a problem with the packaging machinery, it should be looking for the after-sales service department of the manufacturer. It is estimated that they are thinking of online help when they are looking for the manufacturer. If the product is not responsible for the problem, the manufacturer sometimes said that The problem is only a small problem. If the customer can master some common solutions to the packaging machinery, he can handle it himself, which can improve the production efficiency.

Therefore, Xiaobian tidy up today, these common problem-solving methods, I hope to be helpful to everyone, I hope that you will be able to solve the problem in the first time when encountering some equipment failure. Packaging machinery has been used for a long time, especially in continuous working and overload situations, it is prone to some electrical faults and mechanical faults:

一. Heating temperature jump:


1. Check if there is too much carbon on the collector ring, resulting in poor thermocouple contact;

2. Check if the thermocouple wiring on the collector ring or carbon brush holder is loose or oxidized;

3. Check if the carbon brush holder has no tension on the aging spring;

  Packaging machine heating temperature jump processing:

1. Polish the collector ring with paper or sandpaper to remove carbon deposits;

2. Tighten the thermocouple wires of each terminal on the collector ring carbon brush holder;

3. Replace the carbon brush holder;


1. Check if there is too much carbon on the collector ring before production and handle it in time;

2. Check whether the thermocouple wiring points of the collector ring are loose and timely processed before production; 3. Check whether it is aging before production and timely treatment; Emergency method: If the temperature jumps too large, it can't be processed in the production process. The temperature of the upper and lower seals can be used interchangeably. The inner and outer temperatures of the longitudinal seal can be used interchangeably, and the heating line of the solid state relay can be used together, and then repaired when the machine is shut down or stopped.

二. Display the relevant circuit of the thermocouple in the horizontal seal, cross seal, longitudinal seal or vertical seal:

  Packaging machine circuit analysis:

1. Check if the thermocouple wiring on the slip ring is loose, detached or oxidized;

2. Check if the thermocouple wiring on the carbon brush holder is loose, detached or oxidized;

3. Measure the quality of the thermocouple, the normal resistance is about 8 ohms;

Deal with:

1. The wiring of the collector ring is loosened and detached, and the connection is oxidized to remove the oxide layer or the new line is compressed;

2. The carbon brush holder wiring is loose and loose, and the new fixing is tightened. The wiring is oxidized to remove the oxide layer or the new pressure line nose;

3. Replace the thermocouple;


1. Check the wiring of the collector ring before production for looseness, shedding, oxidation, and problems.

2. Before the packaging machine is produced, check whether the carbon brush holder wiring is loose, detached, oxidized, and has problems.

3. Check the presence or absence of friction between the thermocouple and the mechanical part before production. See if the thermocouple has its own break marks, especially the joints inserted into the knife. It is forbidden to bend the bend during the process of replacing the thermocouple.

三. Not heated:


1. Whether the heating control switch contact is normal, and whether the control wire is connected at the contact;

2. Whether the heating circuit breaker trips;

3. Whether the solid state relay is on or off normally;

4. The heating piece and the heating block itself are bad, and the resistance value is not measured;

5. Whether the power line conduction between the transformer and the heating block (chip) is normal, mainly including the circuit breaker, the solid state relay, the carbon brush holder, the wiring on the collector ring, whether it is disconnected or broken;

Deal with:

1. The contact is not connected to replace the contact, and the control line is disconnected from the new one;

2. Identify the cause and close or replace the circuit breaker;

3. Replace the solid state relay;

4. Replace the heating block (piece);

5. The pressure line is tightened;


1. The packaging machine should be inspected regularly, and it is found that the knob switch is loosely tightened, and the contact oxidation is severely replaced in time;

2. Regularly check the heating wire for insulation damage and leakage of copper;

3. Regular inspection

4. When the production is stopped, the machine is inspected, and the heating block (sheet) is inspected for aging before production, it is found that the aging phenomenon needs to be replaced in time.

5. Regularly check the heating circuit. During the daily inspection, pay attention to whether there is heat in the joint.