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Introduction of membrane label materials
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Self-adhesive labels can be classified into coated paper labels, synthetic paper labels, and film materials such as PET/PVC/PP.

Membrane label materials can generally be divided into the following categories:

PET film labels, also known as polyester film labels, have high tensile strength and tear strength, excellent high temperature resistance and durability, are suitable for printing and printing, and have good automatic and manual labeling capabilities. PET film has excellent chemical resistance and processing stability, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the temperature of use depends on the material. According to the color, it can be divided into sub-silver, bright white, transparent translucent, and wire drawing.

PVC film labels, also known as PVC film labels, have excellent chemical resistance and soft material properties, and are often used in outdoor environments. PVC has good flexibility, shrinkage and opacity, good processing characteristics and superior labeling ability. It has low strength, good temperature resistance, poor tear resistance and good transparency.

BOPP film label, also known as polypropylene film label, has a general surface active energy and can only be used as a laminated film. After processing and corona treatment, it can be made into a highly transparent, bright and matt film, especially to the film. The transparent bottle body has no labeling feeling and is suitable for all kinds of printing after processing. Suitable for printing and ribbon printing.

Synthetic paper label with chemical and grease resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent tortuosity, strong initial adhesion and softness for surface labeling. It can be printed using a hybrid base and a resin based ribbon.