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Intelligent Thermal Transfer Coding Machine (TTO Machine) Introduction
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Intelligent Thermal Transfer Coder, the English full name is Thermal Transfer Overprinter, referred to as TTO. From the perspective of the industrial label industry, thermal transfer (TTO) is a contact-type identification device, together with eight other plates (Ie, Inkjet Printer, Laser Marking Machine, Coding Machine, Barcode machine, Labeling Machine, Electronics Labels, system integration and ancillary equipment) form the nine components of the industrial label industry.

TTO has won the favor of customers because of its unique advantages. It has the characteristics of flexibility, clear print quality and low consumables cost, and has been widely used in film or flat carton, automatic packaging production line to print text, patterns, production dates, lot numbers, bar codes, and randomly changing information (such as variable bar codes and anti-counterfeiting traceback information).

The TTO is mainly composed of a print head, a printing ribbon and a controller. Regarding the working principle of the TTO, in short, it uses advanced electronic heating to transfer the ink on the ribbon to the object to be marked, thereby forming characters, numbers, graphics, etc., the printhead typically contains 8 to 12 dots per mm or 200 to 300 dots per inch (DPI), which can be quickly and continuously switched. At the same time, according to the working principle of the print head, the TTO can be divided into a continuous thermal transfer printer and a intermittent thermal transfer printer. The continuous thermal transfer printer is suitable for horizontal or vertical rotation of the bagging machine, the object material moves, the print head is fixed, the speed of the object material is matched by the speed of the synchronizer to monitor the speed of the ribbon and the object material; the intermittent thermal transfer printer is suitable for intermittently moving packaging machines, such as the vertical form of intermittent movement, the filling and sealing of the bagging machine, the self-adhesive label application, and the object material to fix the print head relative to the ribbon and the object material for printing.

In order to ensure the value of TTO application, users are advised to familiarize themselves with some technical knowledge related to TTO before use. For example, TTO's Thermal Transfer Ribbon top coat is used to improve the adhesion of ink on packaging materials. Protecting the ink; the ink layer is the original ink layer transferred to the packaging material, mainly divided into a wax base, a resin base and a mixed base; the ribbon release layer is used to ensure the uniformity of the ink during printing and release the ink; and the base layer is other layers of the carrier and determine the performance of heat transfer.

For the special coating on the back of the ribbon, it is also called back coating. Its function is mainly in three aspects. First, it can lubricate the print head and make the life of the print head longer. Secondly, it can reduce wear and reduce printing. Head damage; Thirdly, it can also prevent static electricity, static electricity will accumulate dust and impurities, and will damage the print head.