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How to maintain the TTO coder to extend the life of the device
- Aug 23, 2018 -

As an upgraded product of the word-cartridge color coding machine, TTO intelligent code-coding machine has been used more and more in the production date of food packaging printing, and the pharmaceutical factory prints electronic supervision code and other industries. TTO intelligent coding machine and word nail coding Compared with the machine, there is no need to change the word, and it can print real-time information, even the barcode QR code and other printing tasks that cannot be completed by the word printer. But the TTO printer also needs ribbon and ribbon. Ribbons and ribbons are used as printing consumables. Users want the ribbons to be used as long as possible. How can you make your ribbons last for a long time and have a long life?

1. TTO ribbon code printer to replace the ribbon to be careful

In fact, it is not too difficult to replace the printing ribbon by yourself, but the different types of needle-punching printers have different ribbon frames. Fortunately, their ribbons operate in much the same way. For example, the commonly used TTO coder: First, open the top cover of the printer, you will see a black box (usually black) shaped like a clip. We call it a print frame, and the middle part of it is placed. Print Head. Remove the print carriage. Be careful to remove it from the end near the print head when you unpack it. The print carriage can be easily removed. Then you can open the print stand. Since the structure of the print stand of different printers is different, its ribbon winding method is slightly different, so you must observe the winding of the original ribbon, otherwise the ribbon is very likely Cannot rotate normally and cause printing to fail. It is necessary to pay attention to the two gears in the printing frame to be colored with the coloring tape, and should be parallel with them, otherwise it will cause the ribbon to shift with the rotation of the gear, and finally the gear can not be rotated. After the ribbon is installed, the print carriage can be returned to its original position and the ribbon replacement program can be completed.

2. A good way to extend the needle to print the print head

In fact, as just mentioned, the ribbon is the main consumable of the dot matrix printer, then we have no way to lengthen the ribbon life in daily use, the answer is yes. Take the TTO printer of the printer I use as an example. I can introduce several ways to save the ribbon. Of course, other printers can be used for reference.

1) Prepare two print ribbon cartridges and print the official document with a darker (newly changed) ribbon. Use a lighter color (used, but the base must be intact, otherwise it will damage the needle) ) The ribbon prints an informal paper or wax paper.

2) Fix two small pieces of foam with transparent tape in the ribbon exit position of the ribbon cassette, sandwich the ribbon between the two foams, and let the foam absorb some good quality printing ink, so as to keep the ribbon moist. , extend the use of the ribbon.

3) Use two foams with good quality printing ink to clamp the ribbon exposed at the front end of the ribbon cassette, gently rotate the ribbon shaft, and add some ribbons that have been used for a while (with a good base). Ink (the whole ribbon should be added, otherwise the color will be different when printing), then open the ribbon box and let the inked ribbon cool (or add a small amount of gasoline in the ink). Try it first. The page informally distributes the ink evenly. Print the official draft again.

4) Develop the habit of adjusting the distance between the print head and the paper according to the thickness of the paper. The principle is that it can be large and large, as long as the printing effect is satisfactory. For new ribbons, you can also adjust the distance when printing thin paper, because the color is thicker to ensure print quality.

5) Remove the ribbon when printing wax paper. At this time, do not directly print the wax paper to prevent the wax from melting into the pinhole. Most wax papers are provided with transparent paper, which can be printed on wax paper.

6) Sometimes the print ribbon cassette is not working properly, and the print pin repeatedly prints a certain part of the ribbon, causing the color to have a “hole”. At this time, the ribbon cassette should be opened first to check whether the gear and the metal card are in a string (large Part of it is caused by the card card is too loose). For the damaged ribbon, the hole portion can be cut off and then "welded".