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How to maintain the printhead?
- Jul 30, 2018 -

How long is the life of the barcode printer printhead?

Basically, the life of the printhead of the barcode printer is not calculated by the length of time. It is calculated by the print length, which is a bit like the number of kilometers of a car. The normal service life of a typical printhead is approximately 30km to 50km. How many labels can be printed in the end?

For example:

The height 3cm = about 16.6 million, but the printhead also like the car engine needed care and maintenance, and the most direct damage to the printhead,and shortening the life of the printhead is the label and ribbon. Because these consumables are in direct contact with the printhead, just like the gasoline in a car. Therefore, the consumables quality can not be assessed as the price basic solely. Otherwise, it would not be worth and reasonable to hurt the expensive printhead in the cheap label. There is a label with a size of 4cm in width and 3cm in height. Assume that the head is calculated with a 50km long life (50km = 5000000cm). The life result is : 5000000cm.

So how to maintain the printhead?

1. Try to use the high quality labels and ribbons provided by professional produer,just like Only Ribbon Industry,our thermal transfer ribbon is with the perfect and stable quality.Since at least we understand the characteristics of the printer and ribbon,also could show you some of valuable suggestion during your using.

2. After using three ribbons, please wipe the barcode printhead in the cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Cleaning the cylinder with a clean cloth stained with oil and then using a brush to remove the dust from the printer.

3. Do not adjust the temperature of the printhead as long as the print affect is OK.

4. The horizontal and vertical pressure of the barcode printhead should be accurate,so that it never cause unbalanced load to break the needle.

5. Do not use the ribbon and label that has fallen onto the floor with dust or unpackaged ribbons and labels.