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How to maintain the barcode printer?
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Everyone knows that if the barcode printer were maintained well,which is not only smooth as a new machine, but it will also have even longer life. If it is not maintained well,then which will definitely take us the bad performance in normal printing working.So if you want to use the machine well, learning about the printer maintenance knowledge is very necessary. The following suggeston is from Only Ribbon Industry,we shall take you some of necessary maintenance methods and show you how to continue and last to the life of barcode printing as well.Hoping to help our customers.

1. Cleaning the printhead
The maintenance process is to turn off the power of the barcode printer, turning over the printhead, removing the ribbon and label paper,and using a cotton swab/ cloth soaked with a little printhead cleaning water (it can be replaced with 75% medical alcohol). Wiping the printhead until it is clean, then gently dry the printhead with a clean cotton swab.Meanwhile,please note never using the metal objects (such as knives, screwdrivers etc.) to hit the print head or touching the printhead with your hands.

2. Cleaning the printer sensors
The main purpose is that ensuring the correct paper space and ribbon safty position to guratee the machine work properly . If the printer sensor is never cleaned or maintained,the dust in air cover the sensor to affect its normal working.Gradually, the machine will be out of order.So we suggest our customers use the air pressure bottle to wipe and clean the dust,it is reasonable to do it once a month.

3. Each part of the barcode printer clean and maintenance
Two paths of paper and ribbon are both wiped so that the paper and ribbon could run smoothly. Checking and cleaning the rotating joint and roller,also,lubricating the machines by lubricant oil.It should be trimonthly cleaning.
While cleaning and maintaining the printer axis,the strength of each axis must be adjusted again to prevent wrinkles. Therefore,customers are not advised to do cleaning and maintenance themselves. Customers could send the printer back to the manufacturer for professional maintenance. It should be trimonthly cleaning as well.