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How to identify the authenticity of the production date?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

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First, verify the date of production. When purchasing food, you must carefully observe the date of production and confirm there are no traces of modification before purchasing. In general, the original food production date is neat and bright. If the date change,which will be blurred and dark.
Second,please check what is used to print the production date on the food packaging. If the neat and tidy pringting affect is through the hot laser, needle or stamp,which should be true. Generally speaking, many of large company print the production date for anti-counterfeiting as the above ways.
Third, you could wipe it by hand if it is needle-punching production date. Please note if it is a real printing,which will not be rubbed yet. If it is later printed,which should be blurred.In this regards,the production date of the packing can be easily obscured or even wiped off by the fingers directly, do not buy this kind of goods.
Fourth, checking whether the production date is double or not.In other words, whether the reprinting of the production date cover the original production date or not. 
Fifth, checking the food and comparing with the production date. If the food looks a bit unusual and the production date is new,which is very likely to be repacked with fake production date. Food packaging should be intact and structured. If the consumer chooses the food packaging to be deformed, especially the seal is burned or cut off,which could not be purchased.
Sixth, seeing the traces.As the regular food manufacturer,whoes coder and printer are both advanced.So they print the date on packing in punctiform. Also,as the supplier, who generally use a portable simple coder,which date printing is in ink, not punctiform. One food, if there are two kinds of dates found in packing,the kind of punctuation is usually the original manufacturer's date.