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How to identify quality when choosing a ribbon
- Aug 14, 2018 -

How to identify the quality when choosing a ribbon? The damage caused by a poor quality ribbon to the printer's needle is very large. Consumers should not be cheap when choosing, and thus lose a lot because of small. The quality of the ribbon is mainly determined from the three aspects of the belt base, the joint weld and the ink.


The ribbon base is woven from nylon yarn, and its quality directly affects the service life of the ribbon and the ability of the ink to adhere and penetrate. The belt base used in the market is divided into nylon 6 and nylon 66, the difference being that the chemical composition of the nylon is different. Nylon 66 is better than nylon 6 and is durable and durable. Nylon 66 is divided into four types: low density, medium density, high density and high density. The higher the density, the more the warp and weft fabrics, the better the elasticity. The preferred ribbons are generally woven with high-density nylon 66, with a warp and weft density exceeding 130 lines per cm, no entanglement of the fibers, no fluffing, and no deformation of the high-density tape base.


Good ink particles are small, do not cause pinholes, have good fluidity, and have a uniform pH value. The adsorptivity is excellent when the ink is applied, the time is long, and the color transition is slow when printing. High-quality ribbon inks are all degreased and do not leave visible ink marks when touched by hand. The ink printing process of this ink is also very uniform, and there is no significant difference between the front and back printing effects.

3.The interface

The good ribbon interface is flat and narrow, the error is relatively small, the degree of hardening is very light, and the needle is not hung when printing; the interface strength is large and the tensile strength is also strong. The welds of high-quality ribbons are all welded by ultrasonic welding, which can effectively guarantee the joint quality. The welds welded by simple hot melt or hot pressing will destroy the fiber properties of the belt base, so the welds are There will be conspicuous protruding double-layer joints, and the interface will be very unsmooth. This ribbon often cannot be returned in time using the printing needle, which can seriously wear, damage or even break the printing needle. Therefore, you should carefully observe the ribbon when purchasing the ribbon. The condition of the joint weld.