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How to continue the life of barcode printer?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. Correct usage: The correct usage is cucial to the printer life,which has a great influence, just like the setting and application of the temperature and the pressure.

2. Maintenance working: the general maintenance will be done as the using conditions and the correct maintenance methods,also the regular professional maintenance adjustment is complete,so the maintenance working will affect the service life of the barcode printer directly.

3. Environmental factors: Please turn off the power and keep a low temperature environment when the machine is not in use. Also,switching power is best to be 5 - 10 minutes and trying to choose a clean environment. If you can meet the above, the continuation of the machine life is at least 5% or more.

The above is from Only Ribbon Indusrty,we show you the barcode printer maintenance with some methods and techniques.

Caution: Before the maintenance, please make sure that you remove the static electricity,if not,the excessive static electricity could damage the printhead directly. The used environment have to meet the product requirements.
For the maintenance of the barcode printer and how to extend the service life of the printer, we just simply summed up the above for your reference, and except to bring you some help in your normal printing working.