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How to choose Thermal Transfer Ribbon?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

1. Thermal transfer ribbon with pinholes (bubbles): due to the lack of ink coating. Will cause the printing effect to be unclear.

2. Thermal transfer ribbon wrinkling: due to problems with the tension control system during slitting, a small area on the ribbon is printed without words.

3. The thermal transfer ribbon has a blank: because the film is not processed well, it will cause a small part to be blank.

4. Tolerance of the inner diameter of the core is too large or too small: the thermal transfer ribbon does not fit into the printer or the reel does not carry the thermal transfer ribbon.

5. The temperature is too high when printing, which will cause the ribbon to stick together.

6. Whether the paper core has a running edge: it will cause a broken belt and the edge will not print.

7. The thermal transfer ribbon is not long enough.

8. The thermal transfer ribbon is too tightly wrapped or too loose during processing, causing the barcode ribbon to fail to synchronize with the printer while it is running.

9. After shuffling, the wax base is too high and the resin composition is too small, which makes it impossible to show the advantage of the mixed base.